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Richardson, Pamela or virtue rewarded, 4 vol., Londres, 1742

PAMELA. | OR, | VIRTUE Rewarded. | In a SERIES of | FAMILIAR LETTERS | From a Beautiful | Young DAMSEL to her PARENTS : | And afterwards, | In her EXALT.ED CONDITION, | BETWEEN | HER, and Persons of Figure and Quality, | UPON THE | Most Important and Entertaining SUBJECTS, | In GENTEEL LIFE. | [Filet] | IN FOUR VOLUMES. | [Filet] | Publish’d in order to cultivate the Principles of VIRTUE | and RELIGION in the Minds of the YOUTH of | BOTH SEXES. | [Filet] | The SIXTH EDITION, Corrected. | And Embellish’d with COPPER PLATES, Design’d and | Engrav’d by Mr. HAYMAN, and Mr. GRAVELOT. | [Filet] | VOL. I. | To which is prefixed, An Ample TABLE of CONTENT:; | Being, An EPITOME of the Work. | [Filet] | LONDON: | Printed for S. RICHARDSON: | And Sold by J. OSBORN, in Pater-noster Row; and JOHN | RIVINGTON, in St. Paul’s Church-Yard | [Trait] | M.DCC.XLII.

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