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All records in the database are freely accessible. Use the dedicated search page to access them.

Each record contains two separate images, a detail and a complete small image. If the record contains only one image, you can ask the site administrator for an update to a higher resolution image.

By clicking on the full small image, you can access, after having read and accepted the general conditions of use, an image of better definition. For personal or academic use, access to semi-HD images is free: the image obtained, or the product derived from the image, must not be the object of any commercial transaction. For any other use, notably commercial and publishing, access is password protected and requires the prior agreement of the site manager.

You can request access to the large format images in several ways.

Agreement between your educational institution or your research facility and the University of Aix-Marseille

You, or your team, or your students regularly work on the corpus of images presented and documented in Utpictura18. Make an agreement with us! Contact the site administrator. A financial contribution will be requested from your institution for a one-year subscription, renewable for three years by tacit agreement. This formula offers access to all Utpictura18 resources from 10 static IP addresses.

Educational and research projects - primary, secondary and higher education

You want to become an active member of the project and contribute to enriching our resources, based on the works and documents to which you have access in your museum, in your city's library, or in your personal collection. To develop a project in partnership with Utpictura18, apply now for free access to all the resources of the site. Write to the site administrator and present your project.

Punctual need

Write to the site administrator and explain your project. The password linked to the image will be communicated to you if the legal status of the requested image is compatible with the project and if the project is compatible with the cultural vocation of Utpictura18.

When reproducing any material from Utpictura18 database and website, please remember to mention us: it will protect you and help us grow.


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