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  • Ortel Philippe

Résumé :

Where is the boundary between communication and creation? The term “creation”, which today tends to replace the term “work”, is used in the world of media itself to describe fiction disseminated on line. Thus, questions regarding the poetics of works are always relevant for describing the different regimes of mimesis, however they need to be articulated for contemporary medial and intermedial issues. This article distinguishes four regimes of creation within the process of representation: representational, fictional, figurative and performative. It compares them term by term based on their modalities of production, reception and evaluation in a table of functions providing a brief comment on each one. Some of these functions fall within the critical tradition, while others are proposed for debate. Drawing its examples from both literature and the arts, this article then attempts to understand the role played by medial or intermedial innovations in the development of these different regimes.

Type de document : Journal articles