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THE | TALES OF THE GENII; OR, THE | DELIGHTFUL LESSONS OF | HORAM, THE SON OF ASMAR. | FAITHFULLY TRANSLATED FROM | THE PERSIAN MANUSCRIPT; | AND | COMPARED WITH THE FRENCH AND SPANISH EDITIONS | PUBLISHED AT PARIS AND MADRID. | IN TWO VOLUMES. | BY SIR CHARLES MORELL, | FORMERLY AMBASSADOT FROM THE BRISTISH SETTLEMENTS IN INDIA TO | THE GREAT MOGUL. | [Fleuron] | LONDON: | Printed for HARRISON and Co. No. 18, Paternoster-Row. | M DCC LXXX.La page de faux titre indique qu’il s’agit du volume III du Novelist’s Magazine, rassemblant The Tales of the Genii et Tom Jones. La date indiquée est 1781. On peut penser que les Tales of the Genii sont parus d’abord séparément en 1780 et ont été reliés ensuite dans le volume 3 en 1781.